About us

“Vitaminka” has rich and varied experience in processing fruits and vegetables, thanks to which it guarantees top quality of its products.

Each year we procure tens of thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables, which allows us to pick only the best, freshest and juiciest of fruits which ripen under the rays of southern sun.

We know that exquisite cuisine does not only depend on choosing the right ingredients, but also on preparing food with love. This is why we are proud of combining old recipes with modern production technologies – the end result is a product which comprises in itself not only century-old traditions and experience of previous generations, but also Vitaminka’s proven and renowned quality.

Od 1947.

We have been doing so for 70 years. Our experts combine secrets of old cuisine artisans with new knowledge, choose the best fruits and vegetables, add most intrinsic spices, so the food we bring to you not only satiates your hunger, but also allows you to enjoy every bite.